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SaShark Art

Mobdout Ent. & proudly present to you " Sashark Art ". Unique abstract designs that will blow your mind. Hand drawn by Mama Shark herself. We have hundreds of creations designed for your personal enjoyment. These amazing designs can be hung up around your, Home, office space, workplace, party (ect). These designs also make great gifts for friends, coworkers & loved ones. Sashark Art is created by hand from creative thought & designed onto picture mat. Some art we provide comes with frames or backgrounds to compliment the colors within the artwork. ( these however are limited at this time). Good thing is all of her artwork can be disolyed anyway you like. That's how Mama Shark made it for you. Enjoy!!!


See what I'm saying!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Mama Shark:-) I am the magic behind the mystery. Lol. I chose the name Sashark because 1. S.A.S are the initials of my birth name & 2. Shark is my nickname, so I put them togher & there you have it, Sas- shark... " Sashark Art. I really enjoy art. I would draw on any & everything. Using a pencil, pen, marker, or pastels. Art brings me peace of mind & I just wanted to share that with you. 

I was self taught how to draw. I started doodling when I was 9 years old & haven't put my brush down since. I hope you enjoy this art. I did it with love & humbleness. May my creative vibes touch your mind, body & spirit.

Luv U all, SAS

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